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Your REWARDS on successful referral for

Level #0 => Whatsapp Automation Bootcamp

1 to 9 Successful Referral : 50% on Level 0 Base Price.

10 and + Successful Referrals : 60% on Level 0 Base Price

20 Successful Referral : 65% on Level 0 Base Price + 1 Month Access of Whatsapp Automation + 1 Month Licence of Auto WAP Sheet

30 Successful Referral : 70% on Level 0 Base Price + 3 Month Access of Whatsapp Automation + 3 Month Licence of Auto WAP Sheet + 3 Months License of Auto Drip WA Nurturing Sheet

50 Successful Referral : 70% on Level 0 + 1 Year Access of Whatsapp Automation + 1 Year Licence of Auto WAP Sheet + 1 Year License of Multi Message Scheduler Sheet + 1 Year License of Auto Drip WA Nurturing Sheet

Level #1 => Whatsapp Automation Mastery Program

if your Referral moves forward and buy Level #1 Program in next 60 Days from the date of Buying of Level #0 Program then youโ€™ll be rewarded with 20% as affiliate commission Straight for that.

Some Quick Questions and Answers :

Q1) How the Commission will be Calculated ?

All the Affiliate Commissions will be Calculated on the Base Price.

Example if the Price for Level #0 is Rs.299 and its inclusive of GST

then after Deducting 18% GST i.e Rs.245 and then on this amount the commission will be Calculated.

However is price is Rs.299 + GST then in this case the commission will be calculated on Rs.299 because the price is exclusive of GST.

Q2) How do i get paid out my affiliate commission ?

In order to make the process smooth and simple. The Affiliate Partners have to send their affiliate commission invoices between 1st to 5th Date of Current Month sharing the details of their registrants via their affiliate link of the Past month and the affiliate commission will be dispersed between 8th to 10th Date of the Current Month.

For Example : if 3 people signed up through your affiliate link and paid for their Rs.299 subscription on any date between March 1st and March 31st,

In that case you need to Raise your invoice between 1st to 5th April and the Affiliate commission will be disbursed between 8th to 10th of April.

Q3) What is the payout method ?

Right now we have only 1 payout method i.e Online Bank Transfer ( Net banking )

and if youโ€™re from Outside in that case we can use Paypal to make the payment.

Q4) What if GST is applicable on my commission ?

You are more than welcome to raise your invoice with GST and we would pay you with GST Calculation for that u need to mention your GST number without GST number the GST Invoice will be disapproved.

Q5) How do my referrals will be calculated ?

The Registerd referral will be calculated on a per month basis.

For example : You referred 10 people in March and 20 People in April

So both monthโ€™s cannot be clubbed together to Raise the total Referral commission in the month of May.

Each month Referral will be calculated on a monthly basis.

To Register for the Referral Partner Program

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Below is the Message Template that you can use to share with your Community :

Would u like to automate your whatsapp for client communication…

Tired of message sharing limit to 5 whatsapp groups as well to individuals…

Would u like to send personalised messages to leads… with their personal name in the images with thanks…

So here is an opportunity for u I am doing the 5 Days live intensive Workshop of Whatsapp Automation Bootcamp

It’s first time in the history of whatsapp the 5 Days live implementation will be happening…

Here is what will be covered in 5 Days of Whatsapp Automation Bootcamp

Day #1 : Basics of Automation and Introduction to Tools Required ?

Day #2 : Making your first Whatsapp Automation to work for you ?

Day #3 : How to build and nurture your leads using Automated Nurturing Sequence System in WA ?

Day #4 : How to Send Customised & Personalised WA messages to your leads when they make payment or registers for your event or fill up your lead form ?

Day #5 : How to automate and schedule Individual as well as Whatsapp Groups to Work on Gods Mode ?

The live call will be a combination of : Live + Recorded Sessions… with Live implementation Call on Day #5

The Bootcamp will start on : 29th March 2021

If u would like to be a part of bootcamp and looking forward to have a taste of whatsapp automation right now… then here is a link for u… {{Replace this part with your own affiliate Link}}

Make sure you register by clicking on above link before its too late…

Below is the link of the Bootcamp Image that you can Download and use to send it to your community: